FS Consulting

FS Consulting

Fail-Safe Guides, Helps and Implements

We need to get ISO-certified and quick! What should we do?

Could someone take responsibility for our security?

Could I just get the most straightforward Splunk-training?

Don't hesitate to contact us on anything related to record management and security! We can help you with record and log management, infrastructure analysis, information security, GDPR, Splunk and CFEngine.

Record & Log Management

We will help you to analyse your record and log assets, the amount and quality of information they contain, and their compliance with regulations and laws. If needed, we can recommend and implement a secure record archival and utilization solution.

Infrastructure Analysis

We offer architecture and diagnosis consulting to support infrastructure design and maintenance. We perform network topology planning and modeling, create network packet brokering solutions, firewall designs, and maintenance. We also offer server capacity planning and maintenance support.

Information Security Consulting

We help you to find and implement the best security practices. Security audits can be provided through our partner network.

GDPR Consulting

Our EUGDPR-FAS-certified consultants are ready to help you with any GDPR-related challenges. With our help you will ensure that all your customer information is stored and managed in a secure manner, fulfilling all GDPR requirements.

Splunk Consulting

Planning a Splunk deployment or having trouble with an existing installation? We will help you with high usability, integrations, dashboards, automated alarms, and maintenance.

CFEngine Consulting

We can help you with all your CFEngine needs.

As our own automation is based on CFEngine technology, we have the access to the latest expertise of automation implementation and support.