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Fail-Safe helps organizations to collect and analyze enormous amounts of data from a variety of source systems.

Illuminate Your Data Like Never Before

Fail-Safe helps organizations to collect and analyze enormous amounts of data from a variety of source systems.

Managing application, device and server ecosystems, records and log files are time-consuming. It’s almost impossible to stay up to date and visualize the bigger picture. Once information has finally gathered and combined together, it’s already outdated. Not to mention it involves a considerable amount of company’s valuable resources to prove that everything is working according to regulations.

We ensure a secure, lossless collection and archival of records and log files. Our products manage easily and straightforwardly both your application ecosystem and daily records. In addition, we streamline application, device and server management in a flexible and cost-efficient manner.

FS HearthGuard

Achieve Operational Enlightenment

FS HearthGuard centralizes and secures collecting and archiving records in an effective way. The centralized management exposes the organization's operations in a completely novel way.

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FS ComplianceFrame

Manage Large Device Ecosystems from a Single Console

FS ComplianceFrame is an automation platform designed for managing large application, device and server ecosystems. It helps you to save time on configuration and operational monitoring, both in the data center and in the cloud.

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FS Consulting

Turn to Our Experts

FS Consulting experts help you with anything related to record management and security. We can help you with record and log management, infrastructure analysis, information security, GDPR, Splunk and CFEngine.

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Who Are We

We are a service company formed by open-source enthusiasts with a background in finance. Our employees are aged between 16 and 64, so we combine the wisdom of age with the passion of youth and everything in between.

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Who are we
Career at Fail-Safe

Join Us

We are looking for competent persons to join our highly skilled team. No matter if you are a seasoned professional or a junior just starting your career, we might have just the right challenges for you.

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