About Us

We are a service company formed by open-source enthusiasts with a background in finance. Our employees' primary mission is to secure our client's business.

About Us

Our employees' primary mission is to secure our client's business. We help you to comply with different regulations and make your data more beneficial. Our aim is to do it in the most respectful and customer-friendly way as possible – we want to be approachable.

Our symbol is the flame – it represents not only the passion we feel towards our work and the enlightenment you get from the information we help create, but also warmth and safety.

The Beacons Are Lit – Our Story

I set up the shop in 2010 with a plan to sell cloud computing, but I ran into issues with acquiring hardware. So, the company was left dormant for a year.

At the same time, our first employee Esa and I were building Java-plugins for Minecraft. At this point, the infrastructure we needed for our hobby project grew so large that we were able to build commercially viable products.

Later, I was building a game engine based on Doom 3 together with the open-source community. I even hired a few graphics design trainees. We ended up only creating a few maps to the final product, however it was still playable though. Esa and I developed an automation platform (now ComplianceFrame) and a log collector (now HearthGuard) as we needed something to manage our growing server infrastructure.

Our intention was to focus entirely on game development, but we soon ended up consulting a Finnish financial organization in several IT projects. I managed to sell our previous creations, HearthGuard and ComplianceFrame, to the final assignment. Inspired by the possibilities of HearthGuard, the customer decided to develop an archiving product with me as the software architect. The customer had a need to further develop the archiving product and they decided that Fail-Safe would be the best candidate to do it. Due to this the product is further developed to Fail-Safe Archive product.

- Mikko Kortelainen, CEO

Who Are We

We are a service company formed by open-source enthusiasts with a background in finance. Our employees are aged between 16 and 64, so we combine the wisdom of age with the passion of youth and everything in between. Here are four of us:

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ICT-Specialist, Software Developer

I work as a software designer and developer at Fail-Safe, creating new solutions to fit our clients' needs. I also spend a lot of time with our automation products. I am calm, diplomatic, and a good listener.

My background is in fabrication: robot and MIG/MAG/TIG welding, zinc-coating, and CNC machining. I've also worked as a taxi driver. Before Fail-Safe, I helped a machine and tool company grow with the help of a webshop and built monitoring and other support systems for them. I ended up at Fail-Safe by chance when my friend noticed their job ad. It seemed exciting and diverse, so here we are.

Getting to start a completely new project with technology stack selection and starting the problem solving ignites my passion. To me, it is essential that our product quality stays high and even exceeds expectations. Our products also need to be thoroughly tested for all scenarios.


Data Engineer

As a Data Engineer, I work with data visualisation using mainly Splunk. I create graphs, reports, alerts, and dashboards. I'm good at analysing and solving problems. My strengths are flexibility, dedication, and the ability to push beyond my limits.

I have worked in the telecommunication and financial industries where I did data analysis and reporting using complex SQL queries, shell scripting, and various reporting tools for multiple clients. I always focused on personal and company's growth. At my previous workplace, I got a lot of appreciation in an automation project within a few days of joining.

Positivity, co-operation, and the possibility to work with new technologies light me up. I feel grateful for finding a job in a new country where I get a chance to work with really experienced and professional people.

I feel successful and happy if I'm making any positive impact with my work at organisational level.

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Service Delivery Manager

At Fail-Safe, I am responsible for ensuring that our products and services are deployed to our clients without any hassle. I try to treat all our clients equally and make sure we finish what we've started. As a person, I am trustworthy and open, it is important to me to be fair in everything I do. Maintaining the trust of our clients is the utmost important thing.

Before working here, I spent 11 years at Nokia Mobile Phones in several roles, ending up as a System Specialist. I was there for the ups and downs and was involved in developing remote support services for Windows Phones. Before Nokia, I spent 5 years in an automotive analytics company called Autovista, where I led the ETL development team. I joined Fail-Safe while I was looking for a new direction from pure technical development — working as a service manager was an excellent fit.

Working with new things ignites my passion. While working here, I've gotten to learn a lot, approach things from new, different angles, and find novel solutions to issues.

I'm thrilled when we manage to deliver a particularly challenging solution and our client notices this.


Software Developer

My main task is to develop and maintain the user interfaces of our products. I'm always open for new horizons to conquer. I am quite good at creating and automating interactions between people and digital systems and I love my job, as it always provides me with creative tasks and challenges to solve.

I am a fast learner. I think it is one of the most important characteristics in IT, as you need to learn a lot constantly so you don't get left behind. During my career at Fail-Safe I've learned a lot of useful practical knowledge about new technologies, IT industry, and software development in general.

Fail-Safe is my first full-time job, before I was mostly working part-time. I sincerely admire the support our company provides to new employees while they adapt to our work-flow. My greatest fear about becoming a part of a soulless company machine vanished once I met my team and realized how friendly and brilliant they are.

I really enjoy it when all my creations work as planned and I get excited when I see how they become a part of a much larger project. It's like a fitting gear in a complex machine. Of course, there is no end for perfection, but Fail-Safe always provides everything on my way to reaching it.

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