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Software Developer

We are looking continuously for motivated developers. Fail-Safe has had a long tradition for growing talent in house and now we are looking to expand our employee pool. To get to know some of our staff, please look here.

Technical developer position aims to increase your technical capabilities and understanding of the industry but also to have an insight into real life projects. You can influence in your tasks to some degree and we are always looking forward for new suggestions to improve our company.

The best thing at Fail-Safe has been that I have been able to work with interesting tasks and see how the design goes into production. I got a warm welcome from the team and they have always been willing to help.
- Ronja, UX Designer

Your hours will be max. 37.5 per week. The contract will be flexible, so we have no demands for minimum hours as we assume you are a student, graduating or having a personal life.

If you have no work experience in programming in the information technology industry or engineering, the starting salary is 14.69 € per hour.

Fail-Safe offers different skill level positions in R&D and other teams. There are two mandatory requirements:

  • Good command of English language.
  • You are not to afraid to ask questions. The team is happy to assist you, but the ability and willingness to communicate needs to come from you.

Fail-Safe conducts work remotely, so your work place will be at home. Working language will be English. If employee's abilities are estimated higher than junior level, tasks can be more advanced while position and salary will be raised.

Who Are We

Fail-Safe is familiar with taking in newer people to the job market. Thesis work in the company is not uncommon for us as well. We have adjusted salaries, positions etc. as our employees talent has grown. The key to be recruited successfully into Fail-Safe is in communication skills, passion for information technology and organized take on your work.

We have delivered innovation solutions for 10 years. With leading technology, the company has created many innovative and automated solutions.

One speciality of Fail-Safe is to help organizations to collect and analyze enormous amounts of data from a variety of source systems. Managing application, device and server ecosystems, records and log files are time-consuming. We ensure a secure, lossless collection and archival of records and log files. Our products manages easily and straightforwardly both the application ecosystem and daily records. In addition, we streamline application, device and server management in a flexible and cost-efficient manner.

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How to Apply

Read our job description and send us a sample of your code. A GitHub link is more than sufficient. We strongly recommend that you only send us PDF files and links to well-trusted public websites like GitHub or the websites of former employers.

We are happy to receive your written application and CV to recruitment [at]

TIP: To be successfully recruited we are looking for an interest in technology and how do you personally manifest it (i.e. GitHub projects).