Continuity and Product services


We offer a whole stack of continuity services to our solutions so that service availability remains undisturbed.

To help our customers to fulfill finnish legislative requirements, all our support personnel are based in Finland and support is provided solely from Finland.

Our offering includes 8-17/5 and 24/7  services for following products.


Fail-Safe Record Management

Like every information technology fields product so does Fail-Safe Record Management work the best when surveillance and contingency reactions are automated and acted upon when intervention is needed.



Splunk enables visualization, sharing and analysis of vast quantities of information. That’s why it is usually a extremely critical part of application infrastructure that needs continuity. We can support you with your Splunk related continuity service needs.

Virtual capacity services

To bring more support our solutions we provide a virtual capacity service and maintenance from Finland.

.fi domain name supply

According to domain name legislation from september 2016 onwards Finnish domain names can only be administered and offered by a supplier. We have taken up this role to ensure one-stop-shop and carefree domain name services to our customers.

For more information on our continuity service offering, please send us email at services(@)



Consulting services


With the help of our highly skilled associated, we can offer high quality consultancy services over the whole stack of information technology services, below you can find some examples.


Record and Log management

We help you to define your record and log assets and the amount of information they contain, their  information quality and its correspondence to various regulations and we can propose a solution on how to utilise, store and protect your record and log assets.


To support infrastructural design and maintenance our experienced associates provide you with architecture and diagnosis consultancy. We perform network topology planning and modelling. We produce network packet brokering solutions and firewall designs and perform firewall maintenance. Similarly we have extensive experience in server capacity planning and maintenance support.


As our own automation is based on CFEngine technology,  we have access to latest know-how about automation implementation and support.

We can help you with any CFEngine related needs.


Are you planning to take Splunk in use or are you having challenges either with high usability, integrations, Dasboards, automated alarms or maintenance, we can help.

LEAN Process Development

Our associates have background on successfully implementing process improvements that increase efficiency and revenue with help of LEAN tools. No matter if your company has an established LEAN based system at place or you are planning to take LEAN as a part of your continuous improvement process, we are here to help you.


Our EUGDPR-FAS certified consultants are ready help you with any GDPR related issues.

For more information on our consultancy service offering, please send us email at services(@)